Ruby on Rails Freelance Developer

Hi I am José Carrión a Web Developer who loves minimal cleaning and simple things, basketball and football, fan art and rock music.

What I do?

What I do?

I've been working with Ruby on Rails for 4 years, Ruby on rails is a Ruby Framework to write awesome Web Applications, following the best programming practices and supported for a really cool community of developers around the world.

Do I have experience?

As you know learning process never ends. Since i finished my studies I´ve been working as a Freelance part and full time from house and sometimes i have traveled to work with my colleagues. It allowed me to get to know really nice developers and companies around the world. I´ve learned lot of best ways how to create applications.

I've worked in private projects as well as in public projects for different companies from my country and for other countries such as Chile, Spain, United States and France.

Do I have a portfolio or something?

Yes, I've worked on projects which are on the Internet

and I've worked on several internal projects for some clients.

Where am I based?

I'm based in South America Ecuador, Eastern Standard Time GMT- 5:00

South America Ecuador


Feel free to contact me to: